Dear Representative of the Care House,

I am writing in order to present you ASAP Recruitment (SW) Limited which is an accredited, successful national recruitment agency established in 2003.
We are based in Bridgwater, Somerset.
I am leading this company with a mission of providing right staff for medical (nursing) sector.

Why should you choose ASAP Recruitment (SW) Limited?

    We offer a variety of educated, experienced and registered nurses with PIN to choose from.
    All our candidates complete additional in depth questionnaire concerning the work they did before. We enclose a copy of the questionnaire with this letter.
    They all speak English and we interview them before sending a CV for you. Though we would be very happy to organise a telephone interview with a candidate for you prior to job offer (upon request).
    We ask all candidates for a CRB check in their own country before coming to UK and doing our check.
    We give full support and organise everything for the candidates, including local accommodation and travel details.
    We also help the employees to open bank accounts, attain NI number and arrange Home Office paperwork.

How does it work with ASAP Recruitment?
We find and select candidates meeting your requirements, and then we send you few CVs to look through, you decide which is appropriate. Then we organise everything for the candidates’ safe arrival. We do sign an agreement concerning the remuneration for the candidate.

How much are we?
Our fees are always the same - only 10% of the candidate’s yearly salary before taxes. This involves all the above options, saves you lots of time and hassles of not having to deal with wrong candidates, which makes it cost effective and problem-free for your company.

ASAP Recruitment SW Ltd
I personally guarantee that if you’re not satisfied with the employee during the 6 week period, we will remove and replace him/ her as we believe in supplying quality. There are no additional charges for this.